SCN2A Australia is developing a series of webinars on SCN2A, genetic epilepsy and developmental and epileptic encephalopathies (DEE).

On this page you will find links to past webinars including complete recordings, and details about upcoming webinars. 

Support for SCN2A and genetic epilepsy families

Suzanne is passionate about supporting families with a rare epilepsy diagnosis. She presents her research and the resources she has developed.

Understanding clinical variability for variants in the same gene

Prof Lynette Sadleir discusses how variants in genes such as SCN2A can lead to different clinical presentations.

Praxis SCN2A Programs: An Update

Michael Oldham and Devra Densmore discuss Praxis' rare epilepsy pipeline, specifically for SCN2A including precision based approaches.

SCN2A Research Registry in Simons Searchlight

Jennifer Tjernagel outlines the work being done with the SCN2A Research Registry in Simons Searchlight.

Collaboration with families – the key to treatment success

Professor Ingrid Scheffer speaks to the importance of collaborating with families for successful treatment.

Loss of function gene mutations in SCN2A: Implications and opportunities for therapeutic intervention

Professor Steven Petrou explains how mutations in the SCN2A gene can lead to loss of function, and how treatments could increase function.

Clinical Features of SCN2A-Related Disorders

Mutations of the SCN2A gene can result in a range of different clinical syndromes. Understanding these clinical presentations can help to guide treatment.