SCN2A Family Stories

Have you heard of #SCN2A? It’s more than just letters and numbers. This rare genetic condition has changed the lives of up to a thousand children and their families around the world. Although rare, SCN2A is one of the most common causes of neurodevelopmental disease and is characterised by neonatal seizures, autism, intellectual disability, schizophrenia and infantile spasms, progressing to epileptic encephalopathy. Many children diagnosed with SCN2A require tube feeding, are non-verbal and require a wheelchair for mobility. On two important days, International SCN2A Awareness Day and #RareDiseaseDay, @SCN2A Australia, with @Oxford PharmaGenesis, share the stories of three families living with children diagnosed with SCN2A and the struggles they have endured. Please help us to increase awareness of SCN2A to give a brighter future for #patients by listening to their heartfelt stories, liking and sharing our posts, following us on social media and/or donating to our fundraising efforts. #cureSCN2A #SCN2Aawareness #SCN2Aresearch #RareDiseaseDay2021

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