Loss-of-function SCN2A mutations
Neurons from mice missing SCN2A (right) have signal-receiving branches that are less mature than those in controls (left).

Loss-of-function SCN2A mutations

The following work from Assistant Prof. Kevin Benders lab was presented on the 20th of October in Chicago, at Neuroscience 2019 held by Society for Neuroscience (SFN). A bit about…

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Natural History Study in SCN2A

The SCN2A International Natural History Study (NHS) is comprised of clinicians collaborating from multiple academic institutions, including US, European and Australian based clinicians. Dr. Katherine Howell, from the Royal Children's…

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Welcome to SCN2A Australia

Happy Australia Day! Today we launch SCN2A Australia. We look forward to working with families, researchers, clinicians and professional bodies to improve the lives of those who have SCN2A and…

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