The Florey Institute – Introducing the SCN2A Scientist team!

Today we are introducing the SCN2A research team at the Florey Institute. The team is lead by Prof Steven Petrou, Director of Florey Institute. The team has been developing  a range of disease models, including computational, animal and human stem cell models to evaluate the impact of SCN2A variants and develop novel therapeutic strategies. 

We will be sharing more about their work over the coming months.

Left to right: Dr. Svenja Pachernegg, Jacqueline Heighway, Linghan Jia, Lisa Drew, Dr. Snezana Maljevic, Claire Cuddy, Dr. Nikola Jancovski, Dr. Melody Li, Prof Steven Petrou, Dr. Geza Berecki

Anyone who wants to reach out to the research team to discuss involvement you can email them on:

Welcome to SCN2A Australia

Happy Australia Day!

Today we launch SCN2A Australia. We look forward to working with families, researchers, clinicians and professional bodies to improve the lives of those who have SCN2A and their families. 

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SCN2A Australia Mission: 


-Connect Australian families and provide information and resources

-Link with and work directly with Australian researchers, clinicians and professional bodies.

-Work with researchers around the globe to ensure Australian families have access to research projects and any potential treatments.

-Work with other SCN2A bodies to co-ordinate activities world wide, including awareness raising.

-Raise awareness of SCN2A in Australia both with the public and health professionals

-Promote fundraising for SCN2a in Australia 

-Work with relevant government departments and rare disease entities ensuring our work aligns with providing access to treatments when they become available.