Who are SCN2A Australia?

We are parents of children who have SCN2A. 

Although our children have all had varying journeys, they are affected by SCN2A a devastating genetic mutation that causes death and severe disability for many children. 

We are dedicated to helping to develop treatments for SCN2A and genetic epilepsies and helping those working on and affected by genetic epilepsies better understand the conditions and live better lives.

We work with families, researchers, clinicians and professional bodies to improve the lives of those who have SCN2A and their families.

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We also produce a podcast and a series of webinars on SCN2A and genetic epilepsies.

Mission Statement for SCN2A Australia:

At SCN2A Australia, our mission is to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by SCN2A-related disorders. We are dedicated to raising awareness, providing support, fostering research, and advocating
for better resources and treatments.

Our Goals:

Awareness and Education 

We strive to raise awareness and promote understanding of SCN2A-related disorders among the general public, medical professionals, and educators. 

By sharing information and personal stories, we aim to increase awareness and reduce stigma surrounding these rare genetic conditions.

Support and Community

We are committed to providing a strong support network for individuals and families affected by SCN2A-related disorders. 

Through online and in-person support groups, we create a safe and inclusive space where individuals can connect, share experiences, and find emotional support and practical guidance.

support and community

Research and Innovation

We actively support and encourage research into SCN2A-related disorders. 

By collaborating with researchers, clinicians, and experts in the field, we aim to advance scientific knowledge, discover new treatments, and improve the quality of life for those living with SCN2A-related conditions.

Advocacy and Policy

We advocate for the needs and rights of individuals with SCN2A-related disorders at both the local and national levels. 

We work closely with policymakers, healthcare providers, and other organizations to ensure that individuals and families have access to appropriate resources, support services, and funding opportunities.

Advocacy and Policy
empowerment and collaboration

Empowerment and Collaboration

We empower individuals and families by providing them with the tools, information, and resources they need to navigate their SCN2A-related journey.

Through partnerships and collaborations with other organizations, we strive to amplify our impact and create a collective voice for change.